01 August 2013

Goodbye, July - Hello, Photo Montage!

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Instagram July Photo Challenge Results are IN!

These photo challenges are so fun! Time flies, though! Like didn't I just post one of these??

July is always very hot in Pennsyltucky...very hot, very humid, and it doesn't cool down at night. It's Summer Hibernation. Upside are the thunderstorms that usually come along with it. I like those unless the power goes out and then we're fierce enemies.

We celebrated the Fourth with a visit from some of my family in our red-white-and-blue. I got three pieces of furniture!!! That was (and is still) a huge deal for me. For the first time in two and a half years I can open a drawer and pull out socks and tanks and shorts and such. It's a great feeling. When I put The Giant Cardboard Box out for recycling I swear the clouds parted and birds flew circles in sunbeams.

It's the month to gorge on fresh produce...and count mushrooms, if you're a two year old.

Tristan quit the crib and we began the Big Boy Bed Dance.

Bran and I got lost in watching Game of Thrones and now we're deep into the first book.

...and then came Stormborn.

Here are the prompts I had to go by. A few photos are missing due to lack of space in my grid collage and I broke a rule once: there is ONE recycled photograph. It's of Fog and Lily because "grey" was the prompt and I called them My Greys...so. I'm a rebel.

Hope you'll join me on Instagram for August!

[caption id="attachment_1007" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Thanks to FatMumSlim for her pretty prompts. Thanks to FatMumSlim for her pretty prompts.[/caption]

We have a big weekend ahead but I'll report back in full next week! Today we're going to Please Touch for the first time as a family and to celebrate the end of Bran's vacation. Then I'm giving him a weekend to himself (and Stormborn) as Tristan and I travel to Connecticut for our preemie group's regional get together. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!


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