26 August 2013

Hospital Hold Musical Static

I did that thing a lot of us girls like to do before something big: I tried to clean the apartment. Now I can't move. Well, I can but I feel sort of like a mannequin.

When I came out from the bedroom where I'd gone to rest my boys had fallen asleep. Bran was on the couch, and Tris on the armchair - in undies - holding one of those really obnoxious popper toys (the one vintage Fisher Price toy I don't like).

Saturday Sleeping
Saturday Sleeping

----and then I stopped writing. I have to be at the hospital at 10:22 a.m. tomorrow. I'm just hoping this takes care of things for[ever] a really long time.

I won't be updating my blog for a few days while I recover but you can find me either on Facebook or Instagram <3


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