01 October 2013

Tattoo Glitter | Bedazzle Your Ink!

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Custom blended tattoo glitter makes it look like the twinkle's in the ink!

mmK so there is something I've been making for several years now that lots of people flip over: custom matched tattoo glitter make-up. It comes out looking like glitter-ink! People think it's real and want to know where they can be infused, too (they're available in my shop!).

I used to wear glitter everywhere. Even to work. Looking back on that it might be why people didn't take me as seriously as I wanted.

Live and learn, live and learn...

When I became a more mature glitter canvas I decided to add it to my ink to make certain parts of my tattoos twinkle.

Best part: it's washable so you can mix it up but sticky enough that it wears well throughout the day/night. It definitely pops better if you highlight one part of your tattoo at a time (or one if they're smaller). I haven't been able to wear it as often as I used to because my son winds up covered in it but when I go out it's a hit. Comic Con loved it. It's a thick mixture of glitter, vegetable-based glycerin, and aloe (vegan and cruelty free products only) then blended to match your tattoo as closely as possible. 

My blends are PACKED with glitter so a little goes a long way.  Some of my blends I've had for years.

Huzzah, after years I can FINALLY say they're available!

Keep your eyes open for an upcoming giveaway...someone's gonna twinkle!


  1. This is pretty much the coolest thing ever! I already know which tattoos I want to try some on!

  2. OOooh! can't wait to hear about them!

    I always feel happier when my tats are glimmering :)

  3. Absolutely love this idea and never even thought about something like this! How do you match the glitter to the tatt?

  4. Thanks!!! I just look at the colors and then blend a few colors together that pick up the shades in the ink :) or go with one if that's better. I used to love these fake tattoos with glitter in them but when I got my real ones the fake ones looked weird if I put them on - so I just transferred the idea. Glad you like it :D


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