07 November 2013

Trick or Treat 3.0: it's a wrap!

trick or treating in big cities, halloween block party
block party blast

This is the first year Tristan's 'gettin' it' so we're really having fun now! He couldn't tell me what he wanted to be for Halloween so I went on something I know he loves: Adventure Time. He was Finn the Human and I was Mama Marceline the Vampire Queen. We talked pumpkins and spooky, costumes and autumn, and listened to him hum the entire score to Nightmare Before Christmas allll month long. We even carved our first family pumpkin!

[caption id="attachment_1280" align="aligncenter" width="300"]regular show pumpkin black cats and jack-o-lanterns[/caption]

I'm not sure I'll ever get This is Halloween out of my head. Luckily it's one of my favorite movies EVER.

For the last three years we have gone on a parade with our neighborhood. People hand out candy along the way and it ends in a block party with lots more treats. I let Tris go up to some of the houses but the thing about trick or treating en mass is there are Disney-long lines for each house.

I am really, super thankful for the parade because trick or treating is different in the city. Many of the houses are apartments and don't hand out candy - usually people will sit out on the stoop to signify that they're participating. This year our bell didn't ring once, which is good because we're on the third floor and it spared me the guilt over not having candy to hand out. Going on the parade also limits how many treats he can gather. However, the cake pops at the treat table continue to be his favorite!

My confession of the season: it was the first year that BUY sounded better than DIY even though the only thing I had to do was make Finn's hat. Everything else fell into place. Since Finn is a human he has regular clothes and as far as turning me into a vampire-lite goes: that was easy. I blended some loose pigments with foundation to give my skin a frosted paleness and made my neck-bit with two dashes of lipstick.

Tristan learned "treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!" and "candyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" "...please?..." while at home. He's never had much in the way of candy (don't be fooled - he loves cake, frosting, and marshmallow treats) and can eat a fun sized Snickers while sorting the peanuts from the good stuff. That was a fun treat for me to have ejected into my hand!

Here comes the month of thanks!

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