13 February 2014

If I don't laugh until I cry...I'll cry.

Sometimes blogging has its perks. Like your child sets up a ragdoll of what you look like from his point of view:

toddlers point of view
what writers look like to toddlers

OR you can get sometimes get tickets to see a MOVIE.

::waves at the crickets::

But. It's about my life...AS A MOM! and even if you aren't a mom you'll probably think it's just as hilarious except for different reasons.

I'll be laughing like, oh my gosh, this is just how it is - if you don't laugh you'll cry! 

Non-moms'll be like, this is funny.


Movie, I have high hopes. I want you to make me laugh until I cry because the last movie I saw can't even be called a movie. It was a documentary/film discussion for Resurrect Dead: They Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles. WHICH was a very important film to me because I have been photographing and dreaming about the meaning behind those street tiles for years. It's OK to click the link; I don't expect many people to know. One of those quirky things. It's on Netflix now.

Before that Brandon and I tried to go see Hunger Games for months but couldn't line up a sitter. FOR MONTHS. ...until we bought it on Amazon and disliked it. It's on Netflix now, too.

The only other movie I've seen recently was nearly four years ago: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland when I visited Brandon in Memphis.

...yeah. So my ticket came via e-mail after I'd pressed refresh for like a half hour then walked away thinking it was something personal.

Fist bumps in Kayla Aimee's general direction for letting me know about the event! Visit her. She makes me laugh-cry sometimes, too.

Here is the preview. THAT'S SEAN ASTIN! and the chick from Grey's Anatomy...and no, I didn't have to write anything. I just felt like it (remember, that's my new thing).

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