15 May 2014

Mother's Daydream

Roller Family
For Mother's Day all I wanted to do was rollerskate with Tristan and make a cake together...and so it was. It was an extra special family day topped off with some night hooping.

This was also the first weekend (or day!) I'd ever taken off from working on my jewelry since I started. Every night I work until about 2 a.m. after T goes to bed. mmK so I painted some things but just for fun and to try out some acrylics I got. Finally, I have an excuse to use my nail dotters (seeing as how my nail art adventure didn't go far!).

I gave Tristan his skates in the morning. He'd been putting mine on and stomping around the house so I thought he might like them. Mine were a gift from my dad last birthday (or the one before...) to replace the ones I lost in the fire. I even wore the jellyfish socks he included! However, I'd just felt kinda sad at the thought of skating alone in new replacement skates so going with Tristan made it all warm and fuzzy and extra happy.

We both did our best to stay upright. Skating on grass was the best. ;D

When it got dark enough we finished up our Thai dinner and headed back outside to play with my new Mood Hoop. It was a gift from a friend and it is WOW! Here is what it looks like: BOOM. Note to self, though: funny things can happen in crowded summertime weather places while using a light-bright to hoop. 1. someone might ask you on a date while your husband's back is turned and 2. your son's new little friend might come want to try your hoop for the rest of the time you're there...so! 1. make the necklace that says mrs and 2. bring a back-up hoop.

Mrs. Hooplah

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