24 June 2014

Once Upon Usborne

My selection of books from Usborne for Tristan

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, people started selling everything through companies. I get invites to things I've never heard of, nor do I understand why I would want to shop for this or that through a company. Like, a platter? I'd rather go to Marshall's and pick out something totally unique at a fantastic price. Nails? I want to support indie polishes (handmade!) and do my own. I thought I'd help every Origami Owl seller I knew until I realized 1. they weren't all supporting me back and 1a. if I know where to get floating charms for wayyyy less why not just do that? I was just going through them to show support.

Bullocks, I cry!!!

So along came Usborne Books. Why buy books through a representative? I was curious and since one of my friends (and a client) started selling them I wanted to share my support in return. Kindly, she was allowed to provide the books for me to review (or not) so I could see what this particular niche is about.

I'm glad I did...and remember, I'm honest and won't hesitate to tell it like it is. Renegade writers unite!

Here's the scoop: this is nifty. I could ask Deborah whatever I wanted. New books are a treat here. I usually shop at the second hand store because Tristan is very particular about them. He used to not listen to them at all (be still my broken heart) but that turns out to be connected to his special needs. I'm still sorting out what that means through early intervention, evaluations, and testing the waters around him.

He's three and we're still in board book land but navigating towards longer stories. He has SPD (sensory processing disorder) and is an avoider, not a seeker. Deborah and her Usborne friends had experience with both and actually asked me which he was.

They suggested some books, which I considered but in the end just spoke with Deb about the ones that caught my attention and why they did:

Say Please: he is just becoming aware of please. I have never forced him to say it - it's something I want him to mean and not just parrot as a trigger word. I say please I get what I want. This is a short soft covered book with a crazy looking princess who is very demanding. Tristan thinks she is hilarious...and he reminds her to say please.

Will You Carry Me? Deb warned me that this was wordier but I still went with it because I can make up the words and it's completely applicable to our lives. Tristan's toosh has never sat in a stroller and at this point never will. I chose to babywear for three years. I still have a wrap, but I'd prefer him to walk because he can. It's his favorite thing to do when we go out...he'd rather stroll around than hang at the playground. He gets tired, though (like all kids!) and this book talks about a tired son and his mother being creative together to keep going without being held. LOVE! It totally fits into our lifestyle and is a great addition.

My Cat Copies Me: wow. Could a book be anymore perfect? We didn't go wrong with any of these and this is the icing on the cake. Tristan LOVES this book! Why? We got Stormborn about a year ago when she was a mere 8 oz. They have grown and bonded together so tightly that they actually are the story here - our cat copies Tristan and he copies her. They play at it for hours...days...it's their intertwined lives. The illustrations are gorgeous and even without words it's clear what the story is about. He laughs and says, Caaaaaahhhhhttt! in that tone he uses with his own when she is being silly or mischievous.

How was the shipping: fast! Just like Amazon.

So why go through a book seller? I get it now, especially with a picky reader. It's also helping support another mother in a world where there used to be customer service but isn't any longer. Book stores used to be my favorite places to go as a child. My allowance and gift money went to the book store and then the music shop next door. I saved a little extra for a shop in the mall that sold jelly bracelets and PVS Smurfs. But ultimately if I got $10 I would ask how many books that would get me.

While other shops might not be a helpful service to me, Usborne was great. If you care to prove me wrong and convince me that a platter or nail stickers are better for me I'm open to seeing what you have to offer - this review was written from a skeptics point of view so it is entirely equal opportunity. I am willing to be proven wrong.

Hope this helps you navigate the world of e-vite shopping parties! If you are on Facebook she often has sales through her page which is what caught my curiosity in the first place. You can check it out for yourself here!

Disclaimer: while my book selection was provided for reviewing purposes it did not sway me at all. If I hadn't enjoyed this experience I wouldn't have bothered writing about it.


  1. Thank you so much Stephanie for reviewing the books and letting your readers know about Usborne Books and More. I was very moved to hear how T really responded to the books - each in a different way. That is what makes my job so much fun!

    To share the joy, I'd love to do a contest with your followers. One person can win $20 of books for their choice! Just follow this like to my rafflecopter. Contest ends 7/7 :)


  2. Pediatricians recommend parents read out loud to their children every day. This is a great way to build up the inventory, because that's a lot of reading!


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