11 April 2016

Let's See What a Mobile Update Can Be!

I confess I abandoned my blog because it was inconvenient. I prefer to dump my thoughts here...but I also prefer writing in bed at night. Spoiled, I know. Currently I blast them all over Instagram (my four year social media obsession)...but they'll be lost when a shinier platform appears.

I still haven't missed a single day hooping since my last post which means I'm approaching two years in my personal challenge to hoop outside every single day in sickness or health, rain or shine.

Since this is my first attempt at blogging mobile-style I will end here. ...cuz it would totally suck to have it all be deleted by a pesky glitch.

K, hi! Lots to catch up on. Bye! ::hits publish all nervous-like::


  1. Mobile blogging is an art all to itself. I didn't see the sub by email which I like as that's the way this girl likes to roll. Love ya

    1. Huh. I think it disappeared entirely! Thank you for noticing :) much love back!


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