24 December 2011

...and to all a good night!

This morning we added a flower to our advent and began some family traditions...

Bee grew up getting one present on Christmas Eve.
Tee opened an Ugly Doll Ox in a Box from his Grandma Dianna!

We showed him how it works.

We're pleased that he loves it and wasn't afraid.

Christmas Eve family service at Tenth!

Candlelight dinner with friends.

Christmas jammers from Gramma and a reading of The Night Before Christmas.
Second Mile provided me with a copy of my childhood pop-up!

Visions of sugarplums, dancing in his head.
He partied like a rockstar until after 9.

Finally, another tradition complete. With the arrival of a very teeny, tiny clay nativity set from Auntie Karin, baby Jesus was placed in his spot.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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