15 April 2013

Why I Give a Hoot About Origami Owl

...because they're the jelly bracelet of motherhood! 

Hear me out.

In the 80's it was like we all had to have them. Everything mattered. From the color right down to the shade. I've never seen that shade of blue! I'll trade you! Ohhh, I don't know. It's really rare. OK, what's it worth??!

That's when you'd whip out your arm to display your prize jellies. Some were common, others had stretch, bumps, glitter, twists, words...the more unique the more even the trade. Otherwise you were going to have to sacrifice quantity. 

We'd moved on from sticker books and into the land of accessories priming us to be tweens and eventually adults who wear mommy jewelry. 

I've looked at peas in a pod, birds on a branch, and engraved charms. I scoped out those Pandora bracelets but I'm not really a bracelet person. When I wear one it has to be one of the Tattooed Steel cuffs Brandon got me for my first Mother's Day. They're The Coolest.

I have an affinity for anything that screams ZEITGEIST! and these do.

Tell me more about Origami Owl!

I knew you'd ask. It's a locket that you can fill up with little trinkets!!!!!!!!!!

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O2 locket on my granddaddy's chain.

Here is my O2 locket story:

  • our initials S|B|T
  • the word 'hope' for the amount I've needed to get me though the last couple years
  • a camera because............I take a lot of pictures
  • two paw prints, one for each kitten I lost in the fire
  • ring for our newlywed status during all this
  • heart birthstone for Tristan
  • headphones because we like to rock out
  • postcard because I have an affinity for having pen pals and for all the love letters B and I write

They all fit inside. I left the few out so I could photograph them flat. I like the jumble inside my locket. It's a scrambled mess, just like me!

If you want in on the O2 madness visit my seller, Megan.

I have yet to get 'extras', but if I do I hope I meet a kindred mom on the playground. We'll be like, Ohh, you have O2??! Which charms are up for trades?? That would be rad.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way to promote this particular seller; I genuinely like her.


  1. I told Josh this is what I wanted for Mother's Day or my birthday LOL It's so awesome!!

    1. Yayy! I can't wait to see what you (I mean HE) picks out! :)

  2. I think these are so cute!! I'm obsessed with my silver bar necklace that has Violet's name on it and probably won't take it off for a LONG time but when I do, I definitely want one of these. ha


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