21 December 2011

Baby Foodie

Here is a list of everything Tee has tried so far on his baby-led weaning adventure!

  • kiwis

  • bananas

  • lemon

  • chicken

  • curly pasta

  • oatmeal

  • plain Greek yogurt

  • roasted sweet potato, carrots, and yellow potato

  • pot roast

  • toast with butter, pear butter, and cream cheese

  • broccoli

  • asparagus

  • turkey leg

  • apple slices

  • cheddar cheese

  • lettuce

  • hummus (plain and white chili)

  • cucumber

  • one French fry

  • scrambled eggs

  • taste of turkey bacon

  • dried mango strips

  • avocado

  • zucchini

  • red and green bell peppers

  • spaghetti with parmesan

  • orange slices

  • dill pickle

  • rice cakes

  • frittatta with Mexican chicken, broccoli, and cheese

  • fritatta with chicken, peppers and onions, and cheese

  • meatballs

He has also tasted Jell-O.

Not bad for a 9 month old who's really almost 7 months!


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