11 December 2011

Fear Factor

This is my son.

He's afraid of a few things.

It all began with



started freaking him out last week.

He has a blinking butterfly that plays "You Are My Sunshine" that he likes to watch as he's going to sleep, but it only plays for one minute. I heard that alllllll the kids love

so we got him one.

He is terrified of it.


Let's review.

I have a son.

His fears include sock monkeys, glow worms, blenders, and sea horses.

OOPS! one more thing...

music boxes



  1. ahh! not the SOCK MONKEY!? Who can fear him?! Dude...Maura hasn't shown fear yet...it's all good, he's showing you what he likes!

  2. YES! lame, right? He likes his sock monkey hat(s) and other printed images, but he can't handle the real deal.

  3. haha me and grey laughed at that video. awesome.


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