30 October 2012

Inside Storm Sandy Part V

***Update: Right as I was about to publish this I received news from my brother that their city was hit hard and they've been without power for over 15 hours now with damages to their home. Please keep them and everyone else who was affected in your thoughts and prayers. I know we were very lucky.

This should be the final chapter. The winds are down to 20 mph, SEPTA trolleys are rumbling around, people are out for morning strolls, and while it's much colder than before and most of the autumn leaves were blown away, we are fine. 

 Luckily we haven't lost power though I'm pretty certain my mom did (she lives north of us). Our internet blipped in and and out a few times but nothing major. I was still able to advance in Limbo. When bedtime rolled around the windows were rattling and I had trouble falling asleep but that's only because I'm on the brink of finishing a book; I can't stand to finish books before bed because instead of just reading a few pages and feeling drowsy I want to know how it will end and push forward. I didn't make it so I'll have to finish it this afternoon and start a new one tonight.

When I got up at 5 a.m. to feed Tristan all seemed fine.

We slept in this morning. Tristan plays in his crib then comes out and plays around the room. When I got two Weebles in the head I got the message! Time to get up!

Breakfast time! It only took two Weebles.

We'll have another cozy day indoors. I have to start a new project because I finished the soccer-team pink breast cancer awareness hair bows ordered by my dear friend yesterday. Now what? I'll dig around and see.


Frankenstorm, I'm glad my Halloween photo project has been spookier than you were. 

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