31 October 2012

Trick or Papa!

Tristan and I got tricks, few treats, and no Papa this second Halloween. He had to work. It was crazy but I was determined to take him by myself...oof. It felt like a mistake, but by the time my muscles stop screaming and we've all gotten some sleep I'm sure I won't feel that way.

We were, "It's Raining Cats & Dogs", in honor all the hurricane madness. I brought our umbrella and wore my rain boots as props. I tried to put him in his new (used) ones but they're tall and he fell right down on his puppy-toosh in the hall and said, "Can't-get-up." So he wore his regular Baby Docs.

He is too little to walk and our outfits weren't meant to be mashed together in a baby carrier (he doesn't know how to sit in the stroller and to be honest, since it's never been used, it didn't even occur to me!) so I just carried him. Heavy! Especially with all the back-arching fits along the way. We met at Milk & Honey and Tristan marched up and down the path next to it - up and down, up and down.

However, when I tried to lead him into the crowd of tots he lost it. He was cracking wobblies like it was his job. I said, "It's OK, Tristan, we tried. We can go home," because it wasn't happening. We were on our way back when I realized we'd caught up to the drum line and I could just dart down a street and be right behind them YES! Tristan loves drummers (Ricky Fitness and Migu!) so he'd love them, too.

We danced along behind them until we came to the treat table where I snagged us two cake pops for his empty monster bucket. Then he trick-or-treated one house that was right there and got two Tootsie Rolls. He lost his marbles and so we headed home and got a piece of chocolate from the girl downstairs. She also took our picture. I'd asked someone to get one earlier but hadn't seen if it had turned out yet. Tristan was nuts but I told her to take it anyway since that's how it actually went.

I won't get into the details of how the rest of the evening went but I ate the choking-hazardous Tootsie Rolls after Tristan ate both cake pops. Then he got mad at me and searched the house for them. He found the wrappers in the trash and stood there holding his monster bucket glaring at me as he tapped them. It really happened. I couldn't make that up...

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