05 November 2012


We've been having Learning Time (LT) every morning for two months now. It's a hit - and he's even getting into books. I was starting to worry that he'd only ever read "Peek-a-boo Kisses" and "Alien Al" for the rest of his life, but he's broadening his horizons. Repetition is key with him. "Chicka Boom" and "Freight Train" have been our focus in the morning. I bring out his owl mat, we sing a couple songs, read a book (then he reads it back to me, mimicking how I sound), read another book (reads it back to me), and then do a fine motor activity. Later in the morning or afternoon we do a fun, sensory thing. Today it was dinos in cornmeal - MESS! But so much fun! I didn't take him to the park today so I had to make it up to him somehow. I just couldn't. He spent most of the night waking and screaming (time change: fun, fun, fun!). Bee and I were zombies. Real ones, though, not the kind I was creating in October.

He sorts sea shells by the seashore.

Tonight while I was making dinner I heard him dragging the owl mat down the hallway. Then I felt it being smooshed against my leg. When I looked down I had dark eyes gazing back up at me and he said, "Lrrrrt tmmme!" What a special request! If I hadn't been up to my elbows in shrimp salad I would have sat down immediately for an encore!

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