14 November 2012

Smile! Let's See Those Pearlies!

First dentist appointment!

Tristan had his first dental appointment this morning at the bright, shiny hour of 9 o'clock! He really is bright and shiny at that hour. He is, not me, so I let him do all the workin' it.

It would be interesting to do a T-Profiling for how every doctor's office he goes to. Like, how my child is perceived is based largely on 1. how long we had to wait and 2. how toddler-proofed the environment is and 3. what time it is. The pulmonologist had to sit through one of the largest tantrums I've ever heard. EVER. It was naptime, but that wasn't the case when I scheduled the appointment. We had to shout to discuss his symptoms. He said he'd have it noted on his file to never let him wait again. His pediatrician thinks he likes to shred paper, bang on keyboards, and I'm a grump...but we spend three hours there whenever we go for a check up. It's a nightmare!

Well, the dentist office ate him up! He was so happy. The waiting room? Totally toddler-friendly. There was a little girl who wanted to be his BFF and read him all the books even though she was confused by his lack of interest and need to organize them. She was so sweet and patient. And, as you can see, he's totally pumped to be there. When we got into the little room (AKA The Second Waiting Room) the dentist and his assistant were there immediately. Everything he touched was "that's OK!" and everything he did was "so CUTE!" We were home within an hour of his appointment which included a trip to the grocery store.

If only they were all like this!

So he has six teeth and two molars, which I was aware of and has four more on the way (the four I suspected). He brushed his teeth, told him he had cool boots (duh), and then handed him this cute tooth goody bag. I was way more excited than him. It's so cute!

He took care of me the rest of the day by letting me rest (horrible allergies). He played quietly and told me stories. New trick: hands like claws up in the air and grrrrowwwwwl!

Before bed he told us to, "Be good."

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