13 November 2012

Playgroup Graduation

Tristan graduated from playgroup this evening ::tear::. It took him five sessions (one closed due to Sandy) but he finally stayed in the room and played. He only gazed out of the windows at Philadelphia twice and visited the vending machines once! I'm so proud! He played! ...with plastic food. He's never shown interest in that before. He likes puzzles and cars and things which they had at every other session. Maybe he just needed a velcro peach this whole time and I didn't know.

We did a lot of purple-projects earlier in the day in honor of Prematurity Awareness Month. Purple LOVE thank you paintings for the amazing leaders from the Please Touch Museum and for the ever-wonderful CHOP Special Babies Clinic. It was an outstanding program and we loved every minute. Unfortunately it doesn't go on and on, but now we're proud Please Touch Members!

They even sent us home with a box of treasures.

Hopefully we'll run into our new playmates around the way.

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