04 August 2017

This Week in Joy and Thanks 3

Gratitude List

28 July - 4 August 2017

Last week's post can be found here.

Friday 28
  • We were able to treat Tristan to a pizza party for one
  • He made my heart smile with his joy
  • Bran and I stayed on our ketogenic diet
  • Friday nights are fun
  • Good hoop song (Belly, Feed the Tree
Saturday 29
  • Cloudy and cool
  • Summer solid lotions and lip balms from Epically arrived!
  • Tristan got to see an old friend
  • Lots of relaxing
  • Played Minecraft with Tris
Sunday 30
  • Good church message
  • Indian buffet afterwards with friends
  • Enjoyed a keto-break for that one meal
  • Gosh, I love Indian Food
  • Pretty walk home
Monday 31
  • Began glowing unicorn head base
  • Finished all the paint layers
  • Started wearing leg-weights around the house
  • Tried new dye (Arctic Fox)
  • My hair still looks like Aeron Greyjoy book canon
  • I'm OK with that
Hello, August!
Tuesday 1
  • I deep cleaned the garbage can and didn't barf
  • Found a stolen purse and reported it
  • There was a note inside that said "My Reason."
  • I enjoy found notes
  • Talk to Cassie on the phone about visiting!
Wednesday 2
  • Tristan's first grade supplies arrived
  • He's been gobbling Captain Underpants books with Papa
  • Second time he's been thrilled for a book
  • First time was Fortunately, the Milk by Gaiman
  • That alone makes me happy
Thursday 3
  • Spent time with Tristan on his bike
  • We got insurance!
  • Love all my ASOIAF podcasts
  • Trump Rally!
  • Put together a to-do notebook with a GOT theme

Until next week!

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