28 July 2017

This Week in Joy and Thanks 2

Gratitude List

21-27 July 2017

Last week's post can be found here. This is something I began doing over three years ago as part of my PTSD treatment. I've continued the lists because they are helpful.

Friday 21
  • I began writing these lists again after too long a lull
  • We found great plumbers who worked us in before the weekend.
  • The feeling of working sinks!
  • Fresh groceries
  • Our family triforce charms arrived: T is power, B is strength & I am courage.
Saturday 22
  • Tristan and I saw the first crystals in our DIY rock candy
  • NEW FRIENDS! and they're keto Christian preemie parents, too!
  • Fun time, fat foods.
  • Huge rainstorm!
  • Tristan curled up under B's arm to watch Coraline. Again.
Sunday 23
  • Returned to new church and T was just as stoked.
  • Started rehab on my nails (long story that is full of stress grr grr)
  • Brandon made keto enchiladas that were SO GOOD.
  • We re-watched Game of Thrones
  • Then we watched the new episode on our TV ON TIME, first time ever!
Monday 24
  • Pulled all the downstairs furniture, bleached deep cleaned, rearranged
  • Tristan helped and we had fun
  • It distracted him over hurting re: uncle having to leave
  • We had another glorious rainstorm
Tuesday 25
  • Weigh in day and continue to lose.
  • No leaks in the basement since early this year.
  • My new light box arrived!
  • Took photos of things and it works great.
  • Tristan played an evil villain all day (but I was still his princess)
Wednesday 26
  • Cracked open a Tristan-charmander in the morning
  • Took a photo of our growing sugar crystals
  • Noticed Tristan's first adult tooth is budding!
  • Heard him sing a beautiful (but sad) ballad.
  • He decided not to run away. Later I saw what he would have taken.
Thursday 27
  • 6 year annual apt! 3'11
  • We saw a giant dandelion in their garden and it made us smile.
  • Ran errands but still had fun.
  • Found out about an upcoming Minecraft festival.
  • I like Minecraft, too.

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