21 July 2017

This Week in Joy & Thanks

Gratitude List

14 - 20 July 2017

Note: this has been an ongoing project of mine for over three months. I have decided to move it to my blog and publish my lists on Fridays along with a collage of shots from my week.

Friday 14
  • The migraine I'd had for a week lifted by evening.
  • There was a wild and dark rainstorm that Tristan and I watched from the porch.
  • It smelled so good.
  • The wind gave me fond memories of Santa Ana winds of my youth.
  • Am thrilled with Audible subscription and listening to The World of Ice and Fire.
Saturday 15
  • I was gifted a polish by Ellagee Polish and it came in a happy package!
  • So I did a mani
  • I tried something new with my nails (vinyls).
  • That helped me relax after all the migraines from the past week.
  • Brandon and I continued rewatching Game of Thrones Season 6
Sunday 16
  • We tried a new church and it was great!
  • Especially excited over the youth program.
  • We cooked a whole turkey so I could try making bone broth later.
  • ...that feeling after the episode. So good!
Monday 17
  • 8 years ago I commented on a photograph of Brandon which reconnected us.
  • We were both in hard positions but we made it out on our own to be together now.
  • I cleaned our back garden. City yards are teensy and with so many clustered together as part of an ally it is rather disgusting this time of year. Like, gag.
  • Washed the house and porch.
  • Played with my longer string levitation wand (The Hover Craft).
Tuesday 18
  • Cleaned!
  • Got our upstairs bathroom organized...then bumped a pipe. DOH!
  • However this accident would nudge me to face the kitchen sink situation. YAY
  • Began the process of making rock candy with Tristan.
  • The beautiful Inner Holo planner from Choose to Do came!
  • I hung a towel rack by myself!
Wednesday 19
  • The plumber could come right away to assess the situation/s.
  • The business was the first truly kind business I've head with in ages.
  • I ordered the parts.
  • Finished decorating our downstairs bathroom.
  • It looks cute.
Thursday 20
  • I got a book to make me smile: Misheard Lyrics of the 1980's
  • I'm so excited about it that it needs it's own story.
  • I took Tristan to Rite-aid so that he could claim his first wishbone wish.
  • My wish had some true; he won the break!
  • Made my first batch of bone broth since going Keto (about a month ago).
  • Brandon likes it!

Moments from my week.

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