11 August 2017

This Week in Joy and Thanks 4

Gratitude List

Week of August 4-10
Last week's post can be found here.

Friday 4
  • Brooke! She's a good friend. We had our annual hang out.
  • Chinese food
  • Got stickers
  • Laundry and housework, check!
  • Relaxing night
Saturday 5
  • Glossed Saturn (resin, not the real one)
  • Game of Thrones re-watched all three episodes of GOT S7
  • Washed my hair to see how Arctic Fox holds up
  • My hair is very Aeron Greyjoy but I'm cool with that
  • Brandon's random act of yellow dye shows potential
  • Ordered a shade of green and blue that should be a good seaweed-enhancer
  • ^ note, their shipping is slow
Sunday 6
  • Got to see Tristan jump on stage wearing sunglasses
  • Weather was nice
  • NEW Game of Thrones!
  • That moment of stunned silence after the episode
  • Re-reading A Dance with Dragons for the third time
Monday 7
  • It rained all day!
  • Listened to my favorite Westeros podcast
  • Tris had his first piano lesson
  • Cleaned the coat closet (scary! not just coats!)
  • Made the bed for Cassie's visit!
  • Gumball Jackpot package arrived - cuteness
Tuesday 8
  • We have insurance that allows pick up around the corner!
  • I no longer have to walk three miles
  • This allowed me to get my migraine pill to cure Mother of Migraines!
  • I have lived in Philly for 9 years
  • Thankful for that because I wanted to stop the pattern of moving around
  • The Mystery Knight was released in graphic novel and landed in my hands!
Wednesday 9
  • I finished installing all our towel racks!
  • Tristan wore a really fun outfit
  • His style makes me smile
  • First night of church camp for him - returned joyful!
  • More mini hoop practice
  • Got a heap of paperwork done
Thursday 10
  • It was Audible credit day! Chose A Clash of Kings, shocker
  • A Dance with Dragons was 75% off
  • Pretty soon I can listen to ALL the books!
  • Friends have been picking up & dropping Tristan off
  • So Bran and I can work on more paper work & we got a little of hardest done!
  • Putting together the different stages of hair color journey

That's all for this week, though I could go on! I will be working on an entry about the long journey from dyed black hair to silver. It's just too long to explain over Instagram which can be found here.

Thank you for reading.

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