29 December 2012

Cool Trick, Cool Trick: Cup Stacking!

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Yo Gabba Gabba audition?
It's no secret: my toddler is enchanted by Yo Gabba Gabba! I hear some kiddos aren't, but we're deep in it over here and it's a good thing because I LOVE IT TOO! We're totally going to Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! next month, so he just has to remain obsessed for a little longer.

He's already starting to move on ::tear:: He's digging bigger boy shows like The Aquabats Super Show! which is similar to YGG (same creator!) so he's weaning me gently. The Lil' Bat brings tears of laughter to his eyes...?! I don't know why he's so funny (like, funnier than all the other funnies) but he is.

How can you tell these shows are awesome? They all have !!!!!!!!!!!!!! after their names!

Back to Gabba! They have a segment call "Cool Tricks." These kids do everything from playing the harps together as a family, feeding a pony, breakdancing, playing "Twinkle Little Star" via hand-farts, a super nerd plays the theremin, there's beatboxing, a tae kwan do-girl (Tristan has a crush on her), and CUP STACKING.

Which brings me to Tristan's Cool Trick: cup stacking.

Yesterday I picked up a stack of these plastic wonder-cups at Ikea for a worthy $1.99. I'm telling you, toddler entertainment is cheap.

There is some heavy (read: scary) construction happening in our  neighborhood so when that started it was like The Blender x 10000000 and T came running (he's not always tough). The only way I could think to distract him was to open the pack of brightly colored cups and let him entertain himself while I did the dishes.

Then I heard him say, "Cool trick, cool trick!" and that's when I focused, fell over, and crawled for my camera. He was wheelin' n' dealin' these cups like a champ! Totally, awesome! - DJ Lance Rock

Here is the original segment taped by a random YouTube'er off the TV. I couldn't find a higher quality. But nothing is lost in translation.

Now that you've seen that, check his moves out again:

"Cool trick, cool trick!"
Yes, Tristan, it sure is!
Color me impressed.

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