30 December 2012

New Year's Eve: Just Born's Peep Countdown, Crayola, and more!

Tomorrow the Sky Will Be Falling!

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Why watch a ball drop when you can watch a GIANT PEEP? ...or Crayon. or...
Photo by The Express Times

I love Peeps. Like, LOVE. I have a blue bunny Peep tattooed to the back of my arm. For realsies. I used to live near the factory where they are made. I used to try to peek in the windows because they didn't give tours.

just born candy, just born bethlehem, just born factory
Knock, knock, Just Born! I'm here!

Many years later, and after failed attempts at switching the city's street lights into giant chicks, Peeps (made by Just Born Candy) are bigger than ever. ...and I do mean bigger!

This will be Bethlehem's fifth annual Peep Drop on New Year's Eve and while we can't make it I think next year we will because Tristan will finally appreciate it. They're also child-friendly and hold two drops - an early bird special and a traditional midnight service. Somewhere in the world it is tomorrow, right?

Last year Tristan was very sick. We wouldn't have taken him anyway, but I did re-create the drop in the living room on New Year's morning! By lowering a stuffed Peep! He wore light-up antennae! It's a pretty big deal around here.

Happy New Year '12

Now there are Crayons falling from the sky. Nearby Easton is home to The Crayola Factory, so that makes sense, and Allentown will be dropping a bell this year.

Crayola Crayon Drop
Photo by The Express Times

Allentown Bell Drop
Photo by The Express Times

How will people ever decide? Why doesn't Philly drop a giant LOVE sculpture?? These are all good questions.

Will you be watching the sky for 2013?

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