12 December 2012

Todder Felt Activity: How Tristan Sees Papa

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How a 20 month old preemie-toddler sees his papa.

Tristan has gone from Mommy-mode to Papa's Pet. It's all about dad. He wakes up with him, helps pick out a tie, then sits on the floor watching Laurie Berkner and brushing his teeth while Brandon gets ready. I've seen it myself. It's so cute! So, I wasn't surprised when I gave Tristan some felt pieces to make his first face, and after placing them the way he wanted he sat back, said, "ah-pa!" and nodded with satisfaction. Masterpiece complete.

Let's share some marble rye!

When I was a little girl I'd get all dressed up to greet my daddy after his long commute home. Mama would put a flower in my hair and I'd sit by the window. Tristan and I listen for Papa's footsteps on the stairs and run to the door as fast as we can to greet him: "Papa's here, Papa's here!"

Tonight when Papa came home they snacked on marble rye.
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