11 December 2012

Wooden Peg People: Fisher Price Vintage-style

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Inspired by Fisher Price's Little People circa when-I-was-a-baby.

Tah-dahhhh! Here is my first try at recreating Fisher Price's Little People circa 1970-something out of plain, wooden pegs. Look, I made a vintage family! I painted their bodies during naptime and then worked on their hair and eyes after Tristan went to bed. As soon as I can I'll spray them with sealant. Not tonight.

I haven't decided if I'm going to give them expressions - FP did, but with dolls for small children I prefer only using eyes so the child can pretend they have a myriad of emotions. Not just happy-doll, sad-doll, or what-happened-to-my-face-doll as seen above. What happened was cat-eye gone wrong. I knew the paint wouldn't wipe off clean but I had to weigh my options quickly: have realllllllllyyyyyy really bad goth eyes or smear-face? Trust me, it's better this way.

Tip: cut a q-tip in half and then use the center to dot the eyes on.

This is such a fun and relaxing activity. I'm certain I'm going to populate an entire country for Tristan to dictate. ...and someday there will be the dolls HE will want to make! FUN! We'll have wooden peg galaxies and apocalypses! Little boys are a blast.

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