06 January 2013

I Dyed My Son Kool-aid Red With Bathtub Paint

Pinterest fail: Kool-aid Bathtub Paint

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Painting with Kool-aid in the tub! Graffiti-style!

There is an idea floating around out there suggesting Kool-aid paint for the tub. Now, there can be a lot of variables I'm sure: color, strength, and...well let's see...skin type! I don't know. Probably others, too.

File this under: what the blazes was I thinking?

My Mother of the Year ribbon! and his sweet, stained brush. Squint, it's there!
I'll tell you. We did candycane shaving cream which was a HUGE success! It was beautiful and Tristan had so much fun. So after seeing this idea online I picked up some little packets of Kool-aid the other week (they only had red so it looks a little "redrum", I know) and thought we'd have more fun. Kool-aid bath, right??! I did wonder about bathing my child in a sticky drink but it was the sugar-free pack so I dismissed that thought.

This was totally a redrum MANIC PANIC flashback nightmare sequence. It reminded me of the mid-90's when I thought this same color would look fantastic on my hair. It didn't.

Anyway, it didn't really stain the tiles (we rent, whatever) and after a second round of bleach spray I think we'll be all right. BUT! it stained my kid. BIG TIME.

There was no saving this scene.

His fingers were Raggedy Andy red. Droplet stains wherever it touched. I rinsed and rinsed. Nothing came off. I gave up, dried him with an old towel (not the cool new alien one from Santa) and called it a night. Then I went to brush his hair.

I don't know why but our NICU handed out comb and brush sets. I don't know why a bunch of preemies need comb/brush sets but they're awesome and I love them. His hair has been crazy lately and he totally needs the styling.

::brush brush::


He was chewing on his fingers - teething - and pink drool.


So here's my review of Kool-aid baths and toddlers: HECK NO. They don't mix.

I put him to bed and let him sweat it out all day, but even after another bath he still has unKool redrum splotches.

Whoops! Better luck next time, Pinterest.

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  1. haha it makes for a great story tho! i would've done the same thing. a kool-aid bath sounds good to me.


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