01 January 2013

Urban Flowerpot, Where Did You Come From?

mount tom, mt tom, urban decay, abandoned pool, garden junk
Urban flowerpots in their natural setting.
People often wonder: where did you come up with the name Urban Flowerpot? There are a few things that made me think of it, but the above photograph is what made it all come together; my muse and inspiration. It was found while exploring the ruins at the Mount Tom resort in Western Massachusetts several years ago.

I can't remember a time when I wasn't drawn to urban decay, graffiti, and things people often pass by as unsightly or simply filter from their vision. Wait! I'll stop. What? I want to take a picture! ...a picture of what...? That is a common exchange if you spend any time with me. Guerrilla gardening is the [flower]bomb and I love to see creativity shine through a mess.

container gardening, thrift store planting, windowsill garden, indoor planting
Windowsill garden of scented geraniums, Norfolk, Vir.

Now there is the container gardening side of me. I have always been an urban dweller and never blessed with a yard. It's kinda cool because it encourages indoor creativity and you can use things you might not be able to outdoors. You can also enjoy your garden all the time! - even while watching Project Runway, for example.

I have not taken this hobby back up since the fire where I lost all my vintage and other carefully thrifted pots and decorating trinkets, but I have a pothos growing once again and would like to start another garden this year. We have deep windowsills and even a balcony, so it's been calling me. I think Tristan will have some great ideas so I'm looking forward to having his input! Have I mentioned my affinity for scented geraniums? They are my FAVORITE!

Just thinking about scented geraniums makes me feel inspired! I've never ordered them online, but that's the best place to find them/largest selection. For example, Peppermint Rose? Hello, I can smell you from here and I'm in love! Otherwise, check the herb section of your local nursery. I've loved having lemon-rose and snowflake geraniums in the past. You can even save the dried leaves for handmade sachets!

So now you know. Urban Flowerpot is a mish-mash of scattered ideas that came together for me. I also considered turning it into a flower shop once upon a time ago - and a story for another time.

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