07 February 2013

Cotton Candy Report: Pinterest Review

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How to dress up your drink with cotton candy! ...and toy soldier ice cubes.

I am SUPER OBSESSED WITH COTTON CANDY. There, I said it and now you know. It goes way back to circuses and Lip Smackers.

So when I saw this Pin on Pinterest I HAD TO TRY IT.

IT'S SO PRETTY...and PINK! It also has no source so if this is your image please let me know.

Sparkling Cotton Candy

I thought there was something in the chemicals that would make pink and blue bubblies like in the picture. Logically, I thought it would just dye the soda and then make it taste like cotton candy. My brain knew what was up but my heart still held hope.

Turns out this is just an AMAZING photograph and yes, it just changes the color and flavor of your sparkling water. Nothing wrong with that, but if you see this floating around just appreciate it for what it is: an illusion.

The green toy soldier ice cubes turned out great, however! Those I'll do again.

Toy Soldier Ice Cubes!

I'll continue working on The Cotton Candy Report with more promising recipes...

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