13 February 2013

Crimp Your Hair: Style Tutorial

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Crimping wasn't just for the 80's! It's for NOW.

If you're one of those girls that perks up when they remember crimping their hair in the 80's they are still available - and if you buy one, I promise you won't regret it! I have a Bedhead but there are plenty of models to choose from. They're always IN.

I wasn't allowed to crimp in the 80's. I wanted to. It made your hair so fluffy and puffy and in some cases you could iron in stars (stars!) and hearts (hearts!) and that sounds like awesome to me!

Stacey Q, Stacey Q Better Than Heaven, Stacey Q crimped hair
Stacey Q - Better Than Heaven was my first cassette and this cover made me fall in love with chunky crimps!

When I went to college in '94 there was a salon having a sidewalk sale and there was a crimper. I bought it and crimped my entire dorm's hair that night! It was amazing! Nearly two decades later I still haven't put the crimper down.

How to Crimp Your Hair

There is an art to it - sure, you can crimp your whole head, but that's a lot of puff and not the best for everyday wear. What you want to do is pick around 5-10 sections (depending on thickness and length) and just crimp there. I like to do my bangs, the chunk under my bangs so you can see it when I twist them back. The other side for symmetry, my bleached streak, a couple in the back, and then I do some of the underside for volume. I don't always crimp all the way, too. Scattered crimps add fun texture and volume galore! JUST GO CRAZY! Figure out your kink.

I only wash my hair once a week so I'll wear it straight for a couple of days, crimp it, then do bigger messier twists and buns the rest of the week.

Embrace it, girls. You don't have to get misty over the past - rock the future! Join me in crimping!

Betsey Johnson, Betsey Johnson hair, Betsey Johnson crimped hair, models using crimpers
Betsey Johnson, my crimped-out fashion muse.

Check out The Greyest Ghost for some exceptional backstage photographs on chunky crimping done on Betsey's models at her recent runway show.

I'm telling you: always IN.

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