12 February 2013

Project Runway Makes It Work

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Project Runway - Long Distance Dating

We love Project Runway in this house. Brandon was reluctant to try it at first, but I was like, no! you have to, you'll love it! He was living in Memphis while I was here in Philadelphia. Our fingers had gone numb from texting and we'd talk all night until we were both fell asleep.

How do you date when you can't reach? You pick a show or movie or something...count down...3...2...1...GO! We called them Proj-Dates. Now we just call it "Proj."

Another thing he used to do when we were dating is draw me lots of pictures. The detail in this one is great. Our phones forever charging. He even had the correct cover of my laptop (an Aaron Kraten Gelaskin).

In March I went down to Memphis for a week and we had our first Real Date. I called the trip My Memphis Fairy Tale. He arrived at the airport with a drawing of us together inside a kitten card with a huge bouquet of purple hydrangeas.

I already knew he was the man I'd spend the rest of my life with.

In fairy tales they say you know. I never believed that...until I knew. I also never thought I'd cry on my wedding day but I did that, too.

On our first real date we painted pottery (he made me a princess and I made him a skull) and ate pink bread in the sunshine. It was perfect.

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  1. tell me more, tell me more! <- sing that to the tune of Grease ;)

  2. You two are the cutest folks ever. Niki said the same thing about crying at the wedding... she'd never do it, until she did. I've never met your gentleman friend, but he certainly sounds like the perfect person for you. So happy you both found each other. Yay!

  3. aw what a lovely post. it made me warm and happy inside!

  4. Oh, there's more sappy where this came from! :) Thanks, y'all. We're happy to share our stories and hear some in return.


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