19 February 2013

Gingerbread SMASH!

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What do you do with your gingerbread house?

Gingerbread Smash at our place last night! That thing was taking up way too much space in our fridge and with the sugar screaming my name that thing had to go quick. It's not helping my diet. Frosting is my weakness.

I put it on the table after dinner and just let Tristan have it out Godzilla-style. He wrestled with heart-shaped Peeps and carefully removed candies and then tried to take a bite out of the house. It eventually fell to pieces and he made this expression like, house, what have I done to you??!

It was a blast. The ginger-spices made him go all shivery. Funny bunny.

He's been having a tough time teething and waking me up a lot but moments like this are the ones that make it all worth it. Oh, this and the sweet but brief nap he took with me earlier.

Little boys...love 'em!

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