04 February 2013

Mommy & Me: Snowflake Edition

Worth it.

We woke up Friday to SNOW! Snow is pretty rare where we live. It's like the city is some kind of vortex and everywhere gets dumped on but not Philly, no, not Philly. That's OK in a lot of ways but I miss the days of walking in snow tunnels and the quiet sound of snowfall.

We'd just gotten up and it was really snowing! Tristan ran to the window and looked out - his eyes aglow! I couldn't not take him out! But we had to move quickly because like I said: VORTEX. It could stop any moment or turn to rain or hail or sleet and any sort of unfun thing that we wouldn't want to be out in.

He was still in his jammers in his night-night diaper. I hadn't brushed my teeth, hair, gotten dressed or put a dab of make-up on but we had to hurry!

I tossed him into his tall Kamik boots and he brought me my Sorrel's. Then I just started grabbing whatever was closest.

Fashion T: red dino jammers, black galoshes, black puffer jacket, and skull hat.
Fashion ME: velour pants, and FOUR kinds of plaid (hat, scarf, coat, and the boots are houndstooth so I'm counting those!).

But do you see what happened? MAGIC. There were really snowflakes on his nose and eyelashes. There was a hush all around us. When I pulled out the phone to take a picture he smiled! and it was totally worth it.

We stayed out for a little while longer but then it was getting quite cold. When we got back upstairs, out of our gear, with hands washed we looked out the window and the snow had stopped.

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