26 February 2013

Note From the Desk of Urban Flowerpot

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Urban Flowerpot's desk is temporarily out of order and covered in granny squares.

When I started this blog I had no direction whatsoever. I kind of used it like a Facebook page of sorts (pre-Instagram), uploading photos from my phone along with a caption. It was a really bad camera phone, too. Not all of my family is on social networking and so starting a blog was my way of sending out updates without having to do much. I shove each entry automatically into their e-mail - whereas you readers have the choice to sign up (look up in the right hand corner there!).

Hahh, just kidding, I asked them and they love getting them...no, really!

Some of my older entries are nonsensical and random. Like. More than usual. I just thought I'd explain how it works around here.

Please join my Facebook page and/or feel free to leave comments right here on my blog (see that comment button down there?). I'm a total dork and love getting to know people online. I assume you are, too, or you wouldn't be reading this.

While I write a lot about parenting, having a preemie, crafting, cooking, etc, but I don't want to niche myself into a corner. If there's ever anything you'd like to read more about just ask. I love randomness...and finding patterns in randomness. Oh, and Pinterest! I like Pin-testing. It's both awesome and horrible...so send me something to DIY! My contact information is right here!

I try to have a shiny new entry for you every day except Sunday. It goes up in the morning (EST) along with a late-night reminder on my Facebook page. Here's a hint to one of the patterns: Monday is "Mommy and Me" (something about a moment I shared with my son), "Wednesday When Papa Came Home..." (something about my husband being a papa and/or husband), and Saturday is FLASHBACK (and you never know what year I'll land on)! Otherwise, it's random but I take requests.



  1. Both my boys were premature. First one was 5 weeks early, second one was 1weeks early. I have a hard time being away from them.

  2. I'm sure! Do they know why you delivered prematurely?


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