08 February 2013

Turn NICU Blankets into Flowers - and other ideas!

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Upcycle your preemie's blankets so you can keep a piece with you!

Receiving blankets. What NICU preemie mom is complete without a huge pile of them? OK, some ladies use the ones their NICU provides, but I know you have a few of those tucked away because you're a sentimental sap! ...and you're thinking, now what?

Preemies grow and one day you're holding onto all these blankets filled to the brim with memories. What's a mom to do? I had become a blanket hoarder. But they don't take up much room - I'd rationalize. C'mon, self. Give 'em up. Get creative - it's what you do!

I've heard of some moms turning their blankets into quilts, but I do not quilt and I don't want to add another project to my learn-someday pile. It's a great idea, though, and I know there are quilters out there who will do the work for you (using onesies, blankets, whatever!).

Here's what I did with my NICU souvenirs:

Rosettes are simple and no-sew. You just cut a strip a couple inches wide at most then, depending on how large you want your flower is how long a strip you will cut. Twist. Twist some more. The strip will fold in half and then start to swirl your twist from center to edge. I pin it then warm up the hot glue gun. Dab here, dab there. DONE! 

If you want to add a clip just dab some glue on one. You could do a pin or make a tiny rosette for a ring! I spritzed one with fabric glitter so it has a little twinkle to it.

They come out looking super shabby chic - nobody will know you swaddled your premature miracle in them and watched as they grew. ...but you will!

What else can we come up with?

Stuffies, rag dolls...bean bags for stacking and tossing!

I'd love to hear what you do with yours!

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