13 March 2013

Squirrels in the City

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What did she put on me this time?

I totally forgot about this picture until Tristan and I were looking through a photo album together and then it all made sense: his love for squirrels came from ENDOSMOSIS! ............orrrr something like that.

I'm often late to trends and Stuff on My Cat had already happened, but stuff on my baby?? How fun - and why not? It was a short phase. I have a photo of a rabbit driving a carrot on his head, a moose, and then this squirrel-brain-sucker.

He's not fond of stuffies so I packed most of them up and put them in the attic. Don't worry, he has crib friends and the critters in the attic will get more chances. He just couldn't care less and they were taking over our apartment.

I ran up there during naptime to hunt this one down! I thought about re-gifting it to him on his birthday because I have a squirrel present theme going on and they're harder to find than I anticipated. But I couldn't do that. Plus I wanted insta-grat.

When he saw it he freaked out! There has been a squirrel dry-spell in our urban jungle for a few months. We search and search but they must be super comfy in their trees. He stands at the window and points at random, "Skirrel? Skirrel?"  Papa plays him videos on YouTube. This is his favorite. Brandon says 36 seconds is the "hilarious part." Oh, and it's also a TUTORIAL!

How interesting, right? There is something soothing about listening to it in the background as I make dinner. I love how he says jourrrney. Well, there you have it.

The squirrel zombie infected Tristan early on - Mamma forgot - and now we have an obsession.

Mystery solved!

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