08 April 2013

Building a Blog in the Mother'hood

Welcome to my new look ::spins around::

Hours and hours over several days of work (while chasing my toddler) are hiding behind these curtains. I've read, coded, read, practiced, read, designed, tweaked, designed, read, and tweaked some more. I'm still not done.

But! my Blogger template is gone and I'm screaming personality at you. Orrrrr, well, I'm at least reflecting more of it since I took the design process by the reigns.

I've gone from using this blog as a place to write notes to my family, then friends, to being like, oh yeah I'm-on-the-internet-and-nothing-is-private-so-let's-do-it! IT being the full on, blog-attack.

It's like nesting. For a really big bird. Big Bird...

Remember when I read The Blog Book by my friend Kayla Aimee? Well, that was the jumping stone for my starting point of really blogging. She gives all the good information to get you started along with the gentle warning that blogging is work.

No joke, people. It's fun if you love to write, design, take pictures, read, write, read, and write some more. It's fun if you have patience. Because hello world, I'm talking to you...........and..........SEO SEO SEO.....

But, no really, it's work.

So when I read KA's book it was like, at least I know what I'm getting into. I could give it a stab without totally committing (or being committed) because trying it out and committing aren't yet the same thing. From there I knew what directions to look for more and more and more information, tutorials, instructions, etc, etc...and here you have it. My nest. It's a start.

Some of the best tutorials I found were at Something Swanky. Thank you! I love nice, clean tutorials.

The mister had massive midterms so instead of just schoolwork he had intensely important schoolwork this weekend.

We still had time to party, though. I'm talking race cars, wooden food picnics, scribble-scrabbles AKA artwork, and hide-the-battery from Mamma (oh how I love that game!). On Saturday we took him to the playground where the Big Kids told him he was a shark. raWR!

starting a mommy blog, how to blog with a toddler, developing my blog, learning to design my blogger

With that said, I'm committed.


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