18 December 2012

Review: "The Blog Book" by Kayla Aimee

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Learn how to make blogging work for you!

It's been about two weeks since I wrote about buying "The Blog Book", an e-book written by professional blogger Kayla Aimee. I have since read every word and it's changed the way I approach blogging. It's also changed the way Blogger works for me! As I read, I researched each topic she covered and applied it to my Blog to see if it worked. My traffic has already changed and I'm working with potential advertising! Truly neat.

I first began to blog in the late '90's. The internet was still a baby to most of us. I eventually wound up within the LiveJournal community (what's up, LJ!) where we pretty much spilled our guts online and made friends by clicking on interests. There was a tool that would find you friends most compatible with your interests. When I did that I found a girl in Hawaii who was 97% like me. I told her we should be friends. It turned out she lied about living in Hawaii and actually lived around the corner from me! We are still friends though many states and years have passed since then.

It was an introvert's dream.

"The Blog Book" will give you all the information you need to start a productive blog in this decade, because let's face it - things have changed. You can make spare change (or a living) off your blog and chances are if you're already writing one you 1. like to write and 2. want people to read it. 

Kayla Aimee breaks it down into a simple and thorough explanation and will give you direction. Unfortunately she doesn't turn up in fairy-form to sprinkle magical blog-success dust onto your writing.  You'll have to make it sparkle yourself but at least you'll know which way is up.

In a community where successful blogging isn't talked about much this is a diamond in the e-rough. Not only do I recommend buying it (99 cent flash-sale or not) but I will also be giving away three copies on my Facebook fan page: Urban Flowerpot. Give-away requirements will be announced soon so be sure to "like" my page so you won't miss the details.

Here is where to pick up a copy of "The Blog Book" by KA so you can get started!

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