17 April 2013

You Need Some CUTE!

Introducing Michelle Romo/Crowded Teeth

When I got a Christmas card this year of two suspiciously familiar teeth on it I knew it was time to ask Michelle for an interview. It was sent to me by a preemie mom I'm friends with. See? Seemingly completely unrelated. There is nothing more exciting to me than someone achieving their dream and since she'd inadvertently landed in my mailbox...well. I'd say she's cloud surfing her dreams!
I first came across Michelle on LiveJournal (ohh, sweet LJ, here I go again...) where we were in the same crafty group. She used to post her stuff and talk about how she wanted to work for a graphic company like some-cool-place-at-the-time. I had some really cute postcard prints and not one but TWO of the same dandelion + girl t-shirts by her up in my apartment (postcards in frames, t-shirts to wear) before our housefire. 
Luckily her stuff is everywhere now! Like, seriously. She's done work for Disney, Sanrio, and is easily accessible at Loungefly. I would do cartwheels for her Yeti for bed set at Land of Nod. Luckily for our checkbook Tristan is still in his crib.................but it's SO CUTE!
I don't typically do image-heavy posts but it was so hard to decide what images to use I kinda went nuts. CUTEST EVER!
You can stalk her via CrowdedTeeth.com (Instagram, Twitter, & Tumblr, oh my!) and get a daily dose of cute (...though almost losing her hand to a feral cat wasn't the cutest). I have used the word cute a LOT, haven't I? It's true - LOOK!

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Hello, these are friendly cats! No bites.


Meet Michelle Romo of Crowded Teeth

Since meeting, you’ve gone through some name changes. How did you arrive at Crowded Teeth and what other names have you gone by?
When I started out I went by Yellow Toothpick (2000). None of the names I use really have any meaning - they are just cute word combos. In 2004 I switched to Crowded Teeth. I was drawing a skull for work one day and it had crowded teeth. I just liked how it sounded.

How would you describe your artistic style?
Sweet and colorful with Japanese and vintage influence.

What’s been your own personal favorite project? 
I am turning this illustration into a big foam core cut out play land! I can't show the actual setup yet - but it's awesome. It's for an upcoming semi-secret art show in June.

Crowded Teeth play land? Take me there. Semi-secret? COOL.

Favorite food?
CAKE. Any kind, any time, anywhere.

Favorite ride at Disneyland?
It's A Small World - it's a huge influence on my style. I've always loved it since I was little.

Small World art by Crowded Teeth

Craziest thing someone has asked you to make/draw?
I don't know! No one has asked me to make anything crazy. I have gotten to do some fun illustration work for The Flaming Lips though. Wayne (the lead singer) once asked me to add a brain car to a rainbow road I had drawn. But that doesn't seem so crazy. Haha!

Movie you know all the lines by heart:
I'm not sure I know all the lines to any movie! But there are many Simpsons episodes I know all the lines to by heart.

Something you’d like to create someday:
I'd like to build a big fiberglass play land! Slides and fun things to climb on!

When you get a creative block what do you do to break out of it?
I usually just zone out and hang out with my cats and husband. He is excellent at making jokes and making my brain work again.

My personal favorite - Chubby Bunnies - CUTE!

Thank you for being part of my artist series, Michelle! YOU ARE SO CUTE!


  1. Love it. Love her style and the colors and everything! Wish I had two nickels to rub together, you know?

    1. Heck yah, I do! YETIS!!!!!! Forget T, I want them for ME! ;)


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