01 May 2013

The Toddler Reward System

wonderful things about toddlers
Reaction of overwhelming happiness when he saw a new car. So simple, so happy.

I was literally just reading an article about the challenges of mothering a toddler when this happened: my washer/dryer started shaking across the bathroom floor (yes, it was on, no that's never happened before). Tristan leaped into my arms like I was Wonder Woman and we went to investigate. Yeah, it was alive.

When I got the situation under control he cheered. Like, CHEERED! and who else in life is going to cheer when you stop the washer/dryer from trying to run away? Nobody.

So here are some reasons it rocks being a toddler mom:

  • Looks of pure adoration
  • The sound of full-hearted, joyful laughter
  • Applause after singing hits like ABC's
  • They genuinely want to be with you everywhere
  • You're their hero
  • Holding hands
  • That hug you get when they wake up 
  • When they take your face in their hands and turn your head to look at them
  • You can act like an idiot and they'll laugh and love you more
  • When they feed you a bite of their special snack
  • Grabbing your hand and dragging you to show off an accomplishment

There's so much that I'm looking forward to as he grows into a more mature toddler. Like my first bouquet of flowers and the words "I love you." Eating ice cream cones and coloring our concrete jungle in sidewalk chalk paint and hearing the tales he comes up with.

Ohh, and let's not forget the cuddles and the scent of their sweaty heads.........


  1. Love it! My favorite is the way she smells when she comes in from playing outside. Like sunshine and child sweat. Best perfume ever!


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