15 May 2013

The Urban Flowerpot Blog Journal

DIY journal, help with writer's block while blogging, keeping a journal for blog posts, brainstorming methods for bloggers
...so I can journal about journaling about journaling!

I keep track of life via two wipey boards - one on the fridge (for appointments and such) and the other is a picture frame holding a watercolor Tristan and I did together (for my blog). However, in the middle of an insurance claim dispute I realized there is still a place in this world for paper. I can't look back; I've wiped it all away. So I invested in a desk calendar and dolled up one of my notebooks.

I just can't get into digital calendars. I don't know if I'll ever get there. I still like having pretty colored pens, stickers, and the pictures (I get the Tokidoki desk calendar each year - late).

Now for my blog-journal I decoupaged stickers onto a note book and used glitter skull stickers in the corners. I LOVE IT. I can evolve on past ideas, doodle, brainstorm and carry my cute metal pencil case around with me like a dork.

Blogging a lot to keep track of: craft ideas I want to try, thoughts to explore, experiments, topics - and not just for this one - I run the Facebook page for Preemie Resources, too. I need to keep my personalities under separate tabs to keep myself straight...hahh, just kidding! Not about the tabs, but about the multiple personalities. 

This is one of the little things that helps me conquer writer's block...
...what are your tricks?

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