26 June 2013

Cuz He Can't He Won't and He Don't Stop

Cuz He Can't He Won't and He Don't Stop: Toddlers and Skateboarding
See ya later boy...

I knew this was coming. Somewhere in between his rapt interest of skateboarding on Yo Gabba Gabba to that day in the park where he broke into a run after some man and then grabbed his board the second he stepped off...I knew I was doomed he would be bound for greatness.

"Looks like he wants a board." said the dude.
Yeah, I got that feeling too.

Skating's pretty neat and all - so is BMX'ing and other extreme sports - but when it's your baby welllllllllllll. I get butterflies. Not too badly, so I think I can handle it, but there was that day he perched on the edge of a mountain-ledge on his big wheel and I was like ohh, c'mon! Then I thought, would I let him...? TOTALLY. ...with the right equipment.

During a skateboarding competition over the weekend Tristan & Papa watched Bucky Lasek together. RAPT. Bucky's mom came running over to him before his wife and daughter could get there. Need I say more?! He's 40 and mom's still a wreck...a supportive wreck but...you know. She was cute.

So I learned a few tricks off the internet and have been teaching him.

I'll support him as long as he's interested. Helmet arrives today.

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