17 June 2013

Final Fantasy Father's Day Part I

Final Fantasy Father's Day Part I

It was another Happy Father's Day to remember! My goal was to make his traditional meat bouquet fancier this year and with a little help from thousands of perler beads I took it up a notch...though what will I do next year?? heaven help me! It was a Very Final Fantasy-themed Father's Day.

I'll be doing the bouquet tutorial tomorrow, so stay tuned.

We brought it to him in bed after Tristan helped arrange everything: he put gravel in the vase and taped the leaves that I cut from his painting onto it. He was really excited about the characters which is good since it's intended to be a father-son playset! Interactive and all.

Later we went to the playground and watched Tristan make little buddies and look to us for encouragement. We stopped at one of the piano installments and took turns playing it with him.

It was a lot of fun and we finished the day with Thai food for dinner. We've never been into big, splashy events - we just like our cute quality time.

How did you celebrate Father's Day this year?

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