19 June 2013

Migraine Drain

It feels like I always have a migraine. Not quite as often as before when I used to mark the 3-5 days per month that I didn't have one - but still fairly often. The average is about seven per month now. That's not so bad. Except when I have them...then they're the worst.

Today has just been one giant migraine. From the moment I woke up and even still as I type this. I've taken my medicine three times. That is a lot. This won't be long; I make a lot of mistakes when I have them. I also drop things and can't concentrate.

They've scanned my brain and found nothing .

Hopefully tomorrow won't be a day of rebounds...or today when you read this.

We planted sweet peas today, though!


  1. Oh geeze. That is the absolute pits. I hope you feel better very soon!

  2. I know you didn't ask for advice and you've probably already done it, but as a 30+ year migraine sufferer, I know just how much they suck - So, I'm going to ask - have you ever tried acupuncture? When I've done it, it's given me a killer migraine (both sides) the day of the first treatment and then I got a second treatment and went over a year without a migraine (or additional acupuncture). It was amazing...of course i haven't taken my own advice and been back...who wants to plan for that migraine.

    Anyway, throwing out a suggestion because i hope you get some relief. And until then, I hope you get a dark, cool and quiet room.

  3. Thanks, Tatum! I never mind advice! Who knows when it'll be something you haven't heard of or tried. I've heard a lot of good things re: acupuncture & migraines but have never been able to afford to take the gamble :/ Once I had insurance that covered a chiropractor and that helped (didn't cure! just gave me less when it was really over the top). I know my triggers really well and do my best to avoid them and the aura I get can sometimes help me know when to jump into preventative action and stop it. I've tried every dietary/sensitivity trick and maybe the combination helped lower the frequency. So anytime you have ideas feel free to toss them my way.

    I got a rebound yesterday but was able to head it off - if I can get through 24 hours pain/aura free I'm usually in the clear for a while. We'll see how today goes!

  4. Hope you're feeling better. I woke up with a twinge but managed to hold it off. Hope it won't come back. Migraines suck :(

  5. Thanks, girl. Hope yours stay away, too! One of the things I hate most about them is how half your head is crippled while the other is like heyyyy I'm OK!


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