12 June 2013

Pacman Ghost Pixel Art GIVEAWAY!

Pacman Ghost Pixel Art GIVEAWAY! cotton candy colors, warhol style, made from perler hama beads
What's affordable art? FREE ART! Win this Pacman Ghost made by ME!

I love making things so I thought I'd make a little something special for one of you! It's a cotton candy-colored Warhol-esque Pacman Ghost that measures 4" x 4" and can be used as a coaster or propped up, out in the garden, peeking around a corner, hiding down low on a wall - whatever you'd like because it will be yours!

This pixel art ghost is made from perler/hama beads in a really pretty pink with blue background, golden yellow eyes, and grey eyeballs. It's just cute.

Please remember, though, that I will be handling shipping & handling myself. Out of my pocket and on my mommy watch. I will send them out by the end of next week (21 June)l. I might include a puffy sticker or two.

Here's how to play! Contest starts at midnight on 12 June and ends on the minute it turns Friday on 14 June at midnight. You can enter once per day to increase your chances! The winner will automatically be displayed in the app below but I'll also make an announcement on Facebook & Twitter.

If you have any questions just ask.

Good luck <3

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  1. Something random... hmmmm. I am kind of scared of birds!

  2. Birds can be scary! I mean, as much as I love ravens they scare the heck out of me. Flying murders who will remember you forever?? Nice, ravens, nice birdies...

  3. I hate snakes. Even the fake rubber ones.

  4. OOoo so does my husband! Never ask him to tell you the story about when he was knee deep in mud with a bunch of escaped snakes during an animal rescue after Katrina.......


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