06 June 2013

Stressed? Hoop it out!!!

TOTAL ISOLATION! well, almost. I'm getting really good at it but I get nervous when someone watches me - even if that someone is my camera because I know that leads to someones! Lots of someones. But tah-dahhh!! Look how far I've come! I've burnt calories and gained muscle. My arms look so tough now. ::flexes::

Hooping is the bomb.

Especially when you can practice indoors because otherwise your toddler would run away. I thought I'd only be able to use the smaller hoop (AKA Tristan's) but nope. I can use my big girl hoop now because I have total control.


OK, so I'm still working on it and there are many ways to build off of this move. For my next trick I'll be doing barrel rolls and an iso-pop. When I get outside I'm STILL learning how to hoop clockwise so heed this advice: no matter where you are in your hoop-ercising routines (and if you're still debating whether or not to even start) learn how to do everything going both directions. I promise it will be worth it and broaden your talent once you've collected enough tricks to totally dazzle.

Have you started hooping yet?
What do you do to relieve stress?

Dancing it out works great, too ^_^


  1. So happy that you're hooping. It's amazing (and also incredible exercise). We'll need to take a field trip down your way some time so we can all hoop together.

  2. It's tap dance all the way for me!

    But I think this is so cool. Maybe I'll try it :) Actually, your once upon a time buying-the-hoop post inspired me to get one for P.

    1. Yah for P getting her first hoop! T likes to sit in his and have picnics or play cars.

      I think your tap-thing is really cool and love that you've kept up with it over the years. I wish we had a barre in our apt. I'm not that sort of crafty, though.


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