11 June 2013

The Father's Day Elf

Meet The Father's Day Elf - the one taking the picture is his lovely assistant (AKA, me). He's too little to do a lot of things though he's big enough to help with many. We know what Papa wants for Father's Day: Thai food, pineapple-coconut ice cream, his traditional meat bouquet, and...............Final Fantasy VI characters; pixel art-style. Meaning perler/hama beads. ...and we know Tristan can't help with that part!

So every time he closes his peepers for a nap or a night-night this elf gets to work. I wish I could show them off but there has to be some element of surprise! Lirpa saw them yesterday and totally geeked out which leads me to think THEY REALLY ROCK! Until Sunday I'll be a little busy, though.

In the meantime I think I'll host a giveaway of one of my pixel art pieces: Cotton Candy Warhol-ish Ghost!

This is just a preview! I'll start the giveaway tomorrow so make sure you come back to enter...

pacman hama beads perler warhol style
Cotton Candy Warhol-ish Ghost

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