25 April 2013

The Perler Bead Incident

Let's talk about me and another one of my brilliant ideas implanted into my brain via the monster named Pinterest.

Perler Beads.

What was I thinking?

Now enter Pinterest. ...of course - all my uhmmm best ideas of mine begin there. I have gotten a few invites to Hama/Perler Boards because I Pin cross stitch patterns and the two can be interchangeable in many ways (neat!). So that's why I got perler-curious.

Over the weekend, Tristan and I had fun stringing pony beads on pipe cleaners when it hit me: buy perler beads and turn it into a fine motor activity/art festival!!! We can make Papa video game characters and blurry toddler nonsense. It'll be AWESOME!

Two days later and they showed up (thank you, Amazon Prime). When we opened the box I was like, sheesh, the bucket's so little. I thought 1000 perlers would look like more! Tristan was getting pretty pumped over the bucket and it's colored contents. I opened the square peg boards, looked over the directions.

There is a reason it says 6+ on the bucket.

Oh, and 1000 is PLENTY!

...as soon as I peeled back the foil I knew this would enter the league of Really Stupid Ideas I've Had (like when I dyed my child red with Kool-aid). I took what I thought was a 'few' out and put it in his cupcake baking dish. Well, he was in an excitement frenzy by that point. He tossed those perlers into the air causing a plastic bead storm.

Here's how the rest went down. He handed me the colors and I put them carefully onto the delicate peg board and after what felt like forever we'd found them all (doubt it!) and while he was asleep I ironed it into this super coaster.......................................it's my reminder that sometimes you just shouldn't go there.


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Perler coaster: never forget!
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  1. Oh, I can only imagine the mess Amelia would make with those! I'm impressed that you got any onto the pegboard!

    1. Total disaster. I promise not to make this a playdate activity! ;)

      Glad to see you have a blog, too! Yayy

  2. I remember these as a kid! Maybe he would like the peg board that you can use to make pot holders? You know the ones that come with the stretchy colored bands and then you lace them at the end?


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