08 July 2013

How Do I Look?

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It's a question we ask people in our lives frequently: BFF's, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives...

What if we turned it into a Pictionary moment?

Brandon and I spent a lot of time talking and bonding over the holiday weekend. It was nice. Last week or so I'd asked if he'd like to write a guest post on Urban Flowerpot because he's such a fantastic writer (he will someday). He hadn't done it by the time I was ready to publish, so I joked that he couldn't keep up with blogging pace. Which then earned me an epic poem full of cheekiness.

Here's what we'd done - and it was so fun I wanted to share it with all of you.

Draw me as you see me.

How do I look to you?

He calls me princess sometimes and I'll scoff and say, princess, I'm no princess. Princess of what? He'll say something like well a dark evil one...IN A GOOD WAY! 

So draw me, I said.

He pulled out Tristan's art pad and Crayola markers and became very intense and quiet. He is truly my favorite artist but rarely draws so I sucked in my breath and made sure he wasn't disturbed.

BAM! so there I was...and yeah, I know, he was generous. When asked about my cartoon jacked rack he goes, well, you said draw you as IIIIIiiiiiiii see you!

Touche, right?

Now draw me!!!

I can't draw. I could work in some other medium that would better express how I see him but this was drawing...and sometimes the ungifted have to swallow their pride and just scribble-scrabble.

So I drew him. I realized I'd made his weights so small it might be insulting so I added a bigger circle. If you squint you can see I included his rabbit tattoo which is my favorite. He got it because he loves The Velveteen Rabbit and I think that's cute. 

He loved it and wants it in a frame. I guess when you love someone it doesn't matter if you aren't Picasso. 

Give it a try with your love, your friend, your child...I promise it'll be so fun!

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