01 July 2013

Instagram Photo Challenge Montage Collage: JUNE!

June photo a day on Instagram using FatMumSlim challenge prompts
Highlights from June's Daily Instagram Photo Challenge!

It's July. How on earth did that happen? June just zipped on by and is now this mish-mash of pictures. But it was a fun month! We met Norman Reedus AKA Daryl from The Walking Dead at ComicCon so anything I say after this will seem less spectacular. Like, I saw those really pretty daisies on my walk! Oh, and that's a Moravian Star in part of my tattoo! Neat, huh? It isn't even new! 

Honestly, though, I think my favorite shot was "texture" which I took of the tree I always hoop next to. There was Father's Day which was a BLAST and pianos in the park - an annual tradition.

I've been reading On Writing by Stephen King alongside other books because it's one of those that you can read slowly in bits. I've always liked Stephen King (not in the maniacal way where I've read everything he's written; not even a fraction!) but his genius cannot be denied. His book on writing is just that - GENIUS. Oh, and it's actually about writing.

Speaking of which there is also my writing included up there - like, my actual handwriting. It changes with my mood or what sort of pens I'm using. I like to think that odd habit is a shadow of my great-grandfather who was a calligrapher.

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Here is the list of prompts that I followed in June using FatMumSlim. Never played? Start now! It's July!

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