21 August 2013

City Boy Goes to the Beach

Remember the time I admitted to being a California Girl? Well, it seems to run in my blood because Tristan is half-Californian if we're going to be honest. The other half is Minnesotan and then the rest is East Coast (he's a lot of percent!).

Yesterday he went to the beach for the fist time EVER: Atlantic City. That's a pretty cool first beach! We even scooped some sand into a baggie so that I can put it into a jar along with a picture (memory jar - awww - sappy mom stuff). This one is my favorite because it is so joyful; it's the best feeling in the world to see your child this happy.

first time in ocean, atlantic city baby, toddlers first trip to beach
The face of JOY!

I kept telling him we'd see sand which is like the patch of dirt at the park that he enjoys jumping in to blow up dust clouds on the most humid days of summer (or so it seems). Except that it would be HUGE and there would be the ocean full of waves, too. The sand was really enough for him. He loved walking on it, stomping, digging, and bursting into a happy-sand-dance at random.

sand dancing, shadow dancing, shadow boxer
Shadow Boxer

He went into the water THREE times and would have stayed in all day calling out: WAVES! WAVES! WAAAAAAAVES!

We went with my new-ish friend (and her youngest daughter) who I met via an Instagram hashtag: #preemie SERIOUSLY! She reminded me that it was actually her older daughter who found me so it was IG 2nd removed (?). Since we were all crafty, cat-lovers you can see how well it worked out! Her daughter is a proud 28 weeker who has already flown in a helicopter. These million dollar babies roll big! appropriate for Atlantic City, no?

Here is the wave dance live:

Here is the original California Girl then...

birth of a california girl, santa monica baby, growing up on the beach
West Coast Has the Sunshine

...and now:

west coast girl on the east coast, east coast girls are hip
East Coast Girls are Hip


  1. Yes that IS a great way that we met. We had a ball. I'm so glad I took that video and that was with my waterproof camera. Pretty cool, right?!

  2. What I meant to say is 'do not save any ocean water'. We found out the hard way the fumes are toxic when bottled (not literally but possibly with the new meaning of literally they are) lol. We thought we would make keepsakes of alittle ocean water, sand and shells for our friends that don't live near the beach. When I opened that bottle of water the smell liked to knock us over!!! FYI

  3. That's wild! My mom and I took vials of ocean water back from Bermuda but never opened them after sealing them :) "The new meaning of literal" LOL - well with the old meaning, I'm certain my dad wouldn't have let us if they were toxic. I can imagine it smelling bad, though. Why? WHALE POOP GOES BAD. ;)

  4. So super cool because it was such a great surprise! It's a treat to catch those candid moments. Thank you again <3


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